Heroes of the Green Age

Max Lacayo(1985)

Born in Nicaragua. He trained as a lawyer and specialized in company law at the moment he is completing a masters degree in renewable energy. In 2005 he took over the daily management of the family owned company ECAMI, which his father founded in 1982, shortly after the nicaraguan revolution. Today ECAMI sells and install wind and solar plants in the Central American Conutry. A susbtancial number of the customers are located in remote areas of the country, wich are not yet in the grid. In 2009 ECAMI was awarded with the prestigious Ashden Award for its support of the development in the Nicaraguan rural areas.


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    Ecami atiende a necesidades individuales y de carácter público, satisfaciendo contratos gubernamentales y de desarrollo internacional así como llevando soluciones energéticas a los hogares, oficinas, fincas, centros de salud, etc.