APS Micro-invertidor YC500-MX/NA

Input Data (DC)
Recommended PV module power (STC) range (W)          180~310Wp
MPPT voltage range (V)                                                          22~45VDC
Operation voltage range (V)                                                   16~52VDC
Maximum input voltage (V)                                                      55VDC
Startup voltage (V)                                                                      22VDC
Maximum input current (A)         10.5 A x 2  12 A x 2 (YC500-MX) / 12A x 2 (YC500-NA)
Output Data (AC)
Maximum output power (W)                    450 W  500 W (YC500-MX) / 500 W (YC500-NA)
Maximum output current (A)                    3.54 A  2.17 A (YC500-MX) /  2.4 A  2.08 A (YC500-NA)
Max. output voltage (V)   127/95-155VAC   220/181-264VAC (YC500-MX) / 208/183-229VAC  240/211-264VAC (YC500-NA)
Nominal output frequency (Hz)                  60/57-62 HZ (YC500-MX) / 60/59.3-60.5Hz1
Power factor                                                                           >0.99
Total harmonic distortion                                                    <3%
Max. units per branch   4 and 7 for 20A breaker 5 and 8 for 25A breaker (YC500-MX) / 6 and 7 for 20A breaker (YC500-NA)
Peak inverter efficiency                                                95.5%
Mechanical Data
Operating ambient temperature (℃)                      -40 ~ +65°C
Operating internal temperature (℃)                       -40 ~ +85°C
Storage temperature range (℃)                                 -40 ~ +85°C
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm)                         221mm X 167mm X 29mm
Weight (kg)                                                                            2.5
Enclosure rating                                                              NEMA 4X
Cooling                                                                       Convección natural
Features & Compliance
Communication                                                              PLC
Design lifetime (year)                                                   25 años
Emissions & immunity (EMC) compliance            FCC Parte15; ANSI C63.4; ICES-00
Safety class compliance                                             UL1741, CSA C22.2 No.107.1-01
Grid connection compliance                                     IEEE 1547

Price: NIC0.00


Marca Out Back Power

  • 120/208VAC, 50/60Hz
  • 230VAC, 60/50Hz

Price: NIC0.00

Inversor cargador Compact XPC Studer

XPC 1400-12

  • 0.5 / 0.6 / 4 W – 12VDC / 120 – 240VAC

XPC 2200-24

  • 0.8 / 0.9 / 7 W – 24VDC / 120 – 240VAC

XPC 2200-48

  • 1.2 / 1.3 / 7 W – 48VDC / 120 – 240VAC

Price: NIC0.00

Inversor Schneider Conext CL-NA

Higher return on investment
• High conversion efficiency: 98.4% peak efficiency, 98.0% CEC efficiency
• Great value for money: integrated wiring box saves customer the cost of external DC combiner box*
• Built-in CloudConnect feature to allow direct connection to Conext Insight portal for easy and free remote monitoring **

Designed for reliability
• Robust design through rigorous Multiple Environmental Over Stress Testing (MEOST), Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Temperature Humidity and Bias testing (THB)
• Electrolyte-free design to guard against dried cap issue and help to improve long term reliability
• Designed and qualified for applications in tropical environments through salt fog testing and use of conformal coating

• Five options of wiring box (base, essential, essential+, optimum and optimum+) to fit different applications
• Both wall, pole and minimum 10o tilt installation
• CL 18000NA supporting both 600 V and 1000 V applications

Easy to service
• Touch-safe fuse holder available for easy and protective fuse replacement
• Easily replaceable fan, easy firmware upgrade via USB
• Self diagnosis and analysis through Cloud connected Conext SmartBox and Conext Insight

Easy to install
• Detachable inverter and wiring box to reduce weight and ease installation
• Pre-wired wiring box to save connection time
• Both bottom and side cable entry to allow for flexible installation

Price: NIC0.00

Inversor Schneider Conext SW-NA

Higher return on investment
• Cost effective
• Excellent load start capabilities with high 30-minute and 5-second surge power
• Harness the continuously declining production cost of solar power

Designed for reliability
• Robust design through rigorous reliability testing (HALT)

• Available in 24VDC and 48VDC models. All models support both 50Hz and 60Hz output
• Stack two units to double output power up to 8 kW
• Supports AC coupled and DC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures
• Intelligent functionality enables self consumption with solar prioritization, peak shaving and, assisting small generators with heavy loads

Easy to service
• Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with the Conext ComBox
• Global support and training
• Replaceable boards and spare parts

Easy to install
• Configures quickly into compact wall mounted system
• Companion breaker panels integrate inverter with battery bank and solar charge controllers
• Mounting bracket design makes hanging inverter on the wall easy

Price: NIC0.00

Radian Series

Out Back Power GS8048A

  • 34W-48VDC / 120/240 VAC

Out Back Power GS4048A

  • 34W-48VDC / 120/240 VAC

Price: NIC0.00


Marca Studer

XTM 1500-12 / XTM 2000-12

  • 1.2W – 12VDC / 120-240 VAC

XTM 2400-24

  • 1.4W – 24VDC / 120-240 VAC

XTM 2600-48

  • 1.8W – 48VDC / 120-240 VAC

XTM 3500-24

  • 1.4W – 24VDC / 120-240 VAC

XTM 4000-48

  • 1.8W – 48VDC / 120-240 VAC

Price: NIC0.00

Xantrex Solar Charge Controller (XW SCC)

The Xantrex Solar Charge Controller (XW SCC) is a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that tracks the electrical maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries. The XW SCC can be used with 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60-volt DC battery systems. The XW SCC is designed to regulate PV input only. It is not designed to work with wind or hydro generators.


Price: NIC0.00

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