Trojan L16P

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Model: L16P with Bayonet Cap
Dimensions: inches (mm)
Battery: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery
Color: Maroon (case/cover)
Material: Polypropylene

Charging temperature compensation
To the Voltage Reading -- Subtract 0.005 volt per cell (VPC) for every 1°C above 25°C or add 0.005 volt per cell for every 1°C below 25°C.
Expected life vS. Temperature
Chemical reactions internal to the battery are driven by voltage and temperature. The higher the battery temperature, the faster chemical reactions will
occur. While higher temperatures can provide improved discharge performance the increased rate of chemical reactions will result in a corresponding loss of
battery life. As a rule of thumb, for every 10°C increase in temperature the reaction rate doubles. Thus, a month of operation at 35°C is equivalent in battery
life to two months at 25°C. Heat is an enemy of all lead acid batteries, FLA, AGM and gel alike and even small increases in temperature will have a major
influence on battery life.



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